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The 9th AONSA/The 2nd Neutron and Muon School Meet@MLF

Neutron R&D Division

T: +81-29-219-5310
Site mobile (PHS): +81-29-284-0566
*Please put "@cross.or.jp" behind the email name.
*Click here for how to call.

Beamline Team 4SEASONS (BL01)

Dr Kazuya Kamazawa Group Leader Dr Kazuya Kamazawa E: k_kamazawa
T: x3503
PHS: x9261
Dr Kazuhiko Ikeuchi Dr Kazuhiko Ikeuchi E: k_ikeuchi
T: x3505
PHS: x9259
Dr Kazuki Iida Dr Kazuki Iida E: k_iida
T: x3506
PHS: x9258

Beamline Team DNA (BL02)

Dr Masato Matsuura Group Leader Dr Masato Matsuura E: m_matsuura
T: x3502
PHS: x9280
Dr Takeshi Yamada Dr Takeshi Yamada E: t_yamada
T: x3501
PHS: x9262
Dr Taiki Tominaga Dr Taiki Tominaga E: t_tominaga
T: x3513
PHS: x9302

Beamline Team PLANET (BL11)

Dr Kenichi Funakoshi Division Head (Deputy) and Group Leader (Doubled at Utilization Promotion) Dr Kenichi Funakoshi E: k_funakoshi
T: x3403(x3702)
PHS: x9289
Dr Jun Abe Dr Jun Abe E: j_abe
T: x3307
PHS: x9293
Dr Shinichi Machida Dr Shinichi Machida E: s_machida
T: x3504
PHS: x9294

Beamline Team TAIKAN (BL15)

Dr Kazuki Ohishi Group Leader Dr Kazuki Ohishi E: k_ohishi
T: x3405
PHS: x9263
Dr Jun-ichi Suzuki Division Head (Doubled at BL17) Dr Jun-ichi Suzuki E: j_suzuki
T: x3302
PHS: x9304
Dr Hiroki Iwase Dr Hiroki Iwase E: h_iwase
T: x3408
PHS: x9264

Beamline Team SHARAKU (BL17)

Dr Jun-ichi Suzuki Division Head and Group Leader (Doubled at BL15) Dr Jun-ichi Suzuki E: j_suzuki
T: x3302
PHS: x9304
Dr Noboru Miyata Dr Noboru Miyata E: n_miyata
T: x3404
PHS: x9267
Dr Kazuhiro Akutsu Dr Kazuhiro Akutsu E: k_akutsu
T: x3410
PHS: x9277
Dr Takayasu Hanashima Dr Takayasu Hanashima E: t_hanashima
T: x3511
PHS: x9301

Beamline Team SENJU (BL18)

Dr Akiko Nakao Group Leader Dr Akiko Nakao E: a_nakao
T: x3510
PHS: x9269
Dr Koji Munakata Dr Koji Munakata E: k_munakata
T: x3512
PHS: x9271

Beamline Team RADEN (BL22)

Dr Hirotoshi Hayashida Group Leader Dr Hirotoshi Hayashida E: h_hayashida
T: x4202
PHS: x9305
Dr Joseph Parker Dr Joseph Parker E: j_parker
T: x4204
PHS: x9306
Dr Yoshihiro Matsumoto Dr Yoshihiro Matsumoto E: y_matsumoto
T: x4201
PHS: x9307
Dr Shuoyuan Zhang Dr Shuoyuan Zhang E: s_zhang
T: x4205
PHS: x9308

Technical Support Group

Dr Koji Kiriyama Group Leader Dr Koji Kiriyama E: k_kiriyama
T: x3301
PHS: x9272
Dr Takayoshi Ito Group Leader (Deputy) Dr Takayoshi Ito E: t_ito
T: x4206
PHS: x9273
Dr Yoshifumi Sakaguchi Dr Yoshifumi Sakaguchi E: y_sakaguchi
T: x3401
PHS: x9265
Dr Yukihiko Kawamura Dr Yukihiko Kawamura E: y_kawamura
T: x3303
PHS: x9274
Dr Hiroshi Kira Dr Hiroshi Kira E: h_kira
T: x3309
PHS: x9275
Dr Motoyuki Ishikado Dr Motoyuki Ishikado E: m_ishikado
T: x3409
PHS: x9276
Dr Nobuo Okazaki Dr Nobuo Okazaki E: n_okazaki
T: x3508
PHS: x9287
Mr Makoto Kobayashi Mr Makoto Kobayashi E: m_kobayashi
T: x3305
PHS: x9278
Mr Satoshi Kasai Mr Satoshi Kasai E: s_kasai
T: x3411
PHS: x9283
Mr Toshiaki Morikawa Mr Toshiaki Morikawa E: t_morikawa
T: x3308
PHS: x9281
Mr Hideyuki Hiramatsu Mr Hideyuki Hiramatsu E: h_hiramatsu
T: x3304
PHS: x9303
Mr Yutaka Ebara Mr Yutaka Ebara E: y_ebara
T: x3306
PHS: x9260
Mr Kentaro Moriyama Mr Kentaro Moriyama E: k_moriyama
T: x3514
PHS: X9254
Mr Keiichi Ohuchi Mr Keiichi Ohuchi E: k_ohuchi
T: x3704
PHS: x9295
Ms Masae Sahara Ms Masae Sahara E: m_sahara
T: x3507
PHS: x9296