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User Experiment Preparation Labs - FAQs

  • Who can use the laboratories?  

    • Beamline users, CROSS and J-PARC MLF staff or equivalent
  • How do I get permission to use the laboratories?  

    • Persons wishing to use the laboratories are required to submit an appreciation form     and to attend a short (10 min) safety and training session in advance. To arrange this, please contact Dr Toshiyuki Yamashita of the CROSS-Tokai Health & Safety Division.
  • Who is my Contact Person in matters relating to use of the labs?  

    • In principle, your Contact Person for matters relating to use of the labs is your beamline scientist. In some cases, an appropriate CROSS-Tokai officer may take on this role.
  • What laboratory consumables are supplied?  

    • As a rule, users are asked to bring their own supplies. However, incidental consumable items such as disposable wipes and gloves as well as some common reagents, solvents and gases are supplied.
  • Who is responsible for damage to laboratory equipment?  

    • Users may be held responsible for repairing or replacing any high-value pieces of laboratory equipment that are damaged with malicious intent or through negligence. The cost associated with repairing or replacing small items such as beakers or pipettes will be borne by CROSS-Tokai.
  • How do I dispose of waste materials?  

    • In general, users are asked to remove and appropriately dispose of any waste materials they generate while using the labs. CROSS-Tokai provides waste disposal bins for burnable waste, metallic waste, glass and sharps that are available to users.
  • Who has priority when using equipment?  

    • Facility users have priority over others wishing to use laboratory apparatus or equipment. In the event that two or more groups wish to use the same item of equipment at the same time, users are asked to negotiate a mutually acceptable arrangement that allows access for all groups.
  • Can I use samples that have been irradiated by the neutron beam?  

    • As a rule, all samples that have been irradiated by neutron beam cannot be handled in the CROSS-Tokai labs.

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